Rural Development
Jambatan Konkrit Merentangi Sungai Lipis di Tanjung Lipis

Client : JKR Pahang
Consultant : JKR Kuala Lipis
Contract Value :
RM 8,683,294.06
Contract Period :
1 April 1991 to 11 October 1992
Project Brief : The work involved the construction of a 9 x 31.24m spans of bridge over the Sungai Lipis, earthworks, roadworks, retaining walls and drainage works. Cergas Murni offered an alternative design for the bridge with a cost saving of more than RM 300,000 and it was adopted by the client. A redesigned roundabout was also incorporated into the works.  For the bridge, steel composite piles were used. 54 numbers of 31.24m span precast concrete post-tensioned beams were launched into positions using steel girder equipped with winches.  For the slope protection, proprietary crib retaining wall was proposed by Cergas Murni which was adopted by the client.